Visit Colle di Val dElsa Porta Nova Volterrana Salis

Porta Nova or Volterrana

Porta Nova or Volterrana

The Porta Nova (for the “Colligiani”, the residents of Colle) or Volterrana, or Salis (so called because it was the gateway for those arriving from Volterra, the place where salt was once extracted) is the entrance to the area of Colle called “Borgo di Santa Caterina”.

Visit Colle di Val dElsa Porta Nova Volterrana Salis Solis
Visit Colle di Val dElsa Porta Nova via Volterrana

An example of Renaissance military architecture, it was erected as a Medicean fortification in 1479 to replace the Porta Selva, which was destroyed during the siege of the city.

The original project and development are attributed to great military architects of the time (Francione and his pupil Giuliano da Sangallo, Francesco d ‘Angelo and Paolo di Francesco).

It is characterized by a short stretch of wall enclosed by two mighty circular towers, typical of Renaissance military architecture, recent research have brought to light the once covered moat.

For visitors to the Borgo it is the starting point of one of the recommended walks. If you arrive by car, the nearest free car park is to the right of the Porta Nova, for those arriving by bus from Piazza Arnolfo, Volterra or San Gimignano, the bus stop is in front of the Porta.

Porta Nova or Volterrana or Salis
Via Gracco del Secco
53034 Colle di Val d’Elsa (Siena)
Toscana – Italy